I am sorry I couldn’t keep you safe.

How could I? When I am shackled in the name of dignity..

it’s not your fault, not mine either but the ugly world I live in will never let us unite.

I console my bereaved heart by telling it that maybe, maybe you will choose me again in another lifetime.

In this life I will always be by your side and you will find your name etched in my bones.

Your laughter will bloom in the daisies growing in our little garden and your footsteps will echo in the corridor of my now empty heart.

I will speak to you in broad daylight and we shall breathe an unfiltered air.

Here, I won’t need anyone but you.

My darling, forgive me if you can but now it’s time for you to leave.

Till we meet again in a faraway land, I promise to never erase you from my mind, and kiss you goodnight every night.

You will always and forever be mine.

    Ritambhara Chowfin